Anna Gold

Links for June 11

Anna Gold Jun 11, 2009

OK. Solid Gold took a needed vacation and it’s been kinda crazy since I got back. Let’s get our…

Solid Gold, May 26

Anna Gold May 26, 2009

You already knew this, but watch a trailer for a doc about Starbucks and union busting Interview with those…

Solid Gold, May 20

Anna Gold May 20, 2009

HOT: John Legend’s commencement speech at UPenn NOT: Mike Huckabee’s poem about Nancy Pelosi (no, I am not defending…

Solid Gold, May 19

Anna Gold May 19, 2009

Get ready for the future at Climate Change Training Camp The Nation talks baseball From the Monthly Review blog,…

Solid Gold, May 16

Anna Gold May 16, 2009

DJ Danger Mouse releases latest album as a blank CD-R with album artwork. However, you can listen to his…

Solid Gold, May 14

Anna Gold May 14, 2009

One woman’s life as a Tamil Tiger After a horrific and unplanned outage, History is a Weapon is back…

Solid Gold, May 12

Anna Gold May 12, 2009

From Harper’s: Rafting and dumpstering down the Mississippi, and yet another Blackwater cover-up Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff…

Solid Gold, May 6

Anna Gold May 6, 2009

Can we bring bike sharing to NYC? From Harper’s, Condi’s Really Bad Day. Now, a petition and more Partying…

Solid Gold May 4

Anna Gold May 4, 2009

From Mother Jones: What starts with “f,” ends with “k,” and means “screw your workers”? That’s right—401(k) Two more…

Solid Gold April 28

Anna Gold Apr 28, 2009

I might be a little too busy for the internet these days. These are a little sparse. Replacing illegal…

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