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Longtime New York City tenants have been getting evicted and displaced in neighborhood after neighborhood in recent years. Harlem, the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Bushwick, South Bronx, Park Slope, Flatbush, Crown Heights, etc.—rising rents are ubiquitous and affordable housing endangered, to say the least. Tenants have been defiant; they have protested, written op-eds, attended regulatory hearings and risked arrest, but have struggled to find an effective organizing strategy that gives them collective power to fight back against landlords. The conditions are stacked against them.


The world lost a musical icon last Thursday. You'll read about his impact as a musician and an entertainer elsewhere, but let's take a second to look at Prince's career-spanning fights on behalf of working people.

The string of murders of black men by police—from Oscar Grant in California to Eric Garner in New York—catalyzed a movement coast to coast and introduced swaths of young people to racial justice activism.

Erin Schrode, who recently announced her candidacy for California’s Second Congressional district, was one of those young people.

Lt. La Forge – Personal Log 2365

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Dear Harriet

When we first met, you were bleeding from a gunshot, clutching a tree as men unleashed their dogs into the forest. You gripped my uniform, balled it in your fists, pulled me close and asked – Are you going to let them kill me?

The Indypendent and The Occupied Wall Street Journal teamed up to publish The Battle of New York. We were able to distribute hundreds of thousands of copies of the paper in the week before Tuesday's primary with the help of volunteers across the city and state. While Bernie Sanders did not win in New York, the success of this people-powered project provided a glimpse into what a "political revolution" might look and feel like.


More than one million New York City residents participated in Tuesday’s presidential primary. I served as a poll worker on election day and it left me with many questions. Why did many would-be voters receive affidavit ballots on Tuesday? What do you do when everything breaks down at once? Once you go through this process, you have a newfound annoyance with the way New York conducts elections.


After weeks of hard and increasingly heated campaigning, Hillary Clinton scored a decisive victory over Bernie Sanders in last night’s New York Democratic primary. Despite losing a majority of the state’s counties, she won in huge margins in New York City and the popular vote overall. The triumph was a potential serious blow to Sanders’ progressive momentum and a just as dramatic boom to her now seemingly inevitable march to the nomination.

they've been here all along, the barbarians

Who knew I was into old men?

I have my fetishes. Hot candle wax. Flogging. Golden Showers. 

(giving not receiving) High Heels. OPP. (you know me)

But not old men, especially old rich white men, my whole life

they have been my enemy, staring down from shiny offices

in tall skyscrapers, overseeing the world they own and everybody 

in it, including me, they own me. 


I hate them. I don't want to touch or be touched by them, ew. 

Old rich white men, vultures of capital, eating the yolk of unborn

Thousands gather every evening in the Place de la République, and even more during the days and nights of the weekends. Assemblies are held every evening at 6pm, with people of a wide diversity of ages and social classes taking part. The plaza begins to fill around 5pm with circles of people standing and sitting, talking under cardboard signs to identify the theme of their discussion, including groups on economics, education, facilitation, feminism, housing and ecology.