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All political tendencies are caught in a whirlpool since the election, but none more so than the left. It lacks any recognizable center, despite the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders. It appears in and around the Democratic Party in unconnected, isolated circumstances, fragments of the population. Not only are the fragments disconnected from one another, they also suffer from isolation from the previous generation, which in turn had lost touch with its own predecessor.

Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline began in October 2014. Young warriors of the Standing Rock Sioux established the Sacred Stone Camp in April 2016. Since then, native and non-native supporters have joined in non-violent resistance under the leadership of tribal elders.

And suddenly, as thousands of US veterans arrived in North Dakota, Obama blinked, and kicked the can further down the road. The people have won an important victory in the struggle for native rights and against climate change.

Without holding a single hearing, Congress granted law enforcement sweeping new surveillance powers, allowing changes to the obscure Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure to take effect at midnight on Thursday. The updates greatly expand the U.S. government’s ability to spy on Americans and people around the world; to hack millions of computers without users’ knowledge or consent.

Queens is the most culturally diverse urban area in the United States. Among its 2.3 million residents, more than 100 languages are spoken. It’s also where President-elect Donald Trump was born. But as far as today’s residents are concerned the champion of bigotry and nativism is an alien figure they want nothing to do with.

Scores of activists gathered Saturday morning to take part in the "March to Keep Ridgewood Liveable for All." The action, organized by a coalition of local groups, was held to protest the rapid gentrification of the historically working class neighborhood which juts between the border of Brooklyn and Queens. The event was also attended by City Councilmember Antonio Reynoso and Public Advocate Leticia James.

A large group of children, parents and East Harlem residents of all ages marched in front of Mayor De Blasio's home at Gracie Mansion yesterday chanting “El Barrio is Not For Sale!

Last Friday, Vice President-elect Mike Pence took in a Broadway show. After the cast of Hamilton: An American Musical sang their final bars, clasped hands and bowed, they had a message for Donald J. Trump’s right hand man. Actor Brandon Victor Dixon,, who plays Aaron Burr, stood center stage and let loose a message to the former governor of Indiana.

Like so many people, I am still struggling to get my political bearings in the wake of the election. I think it is very important for left organizers to enter this next period humbly, willing to rethink our assumptions and craft new ways of approaching our work. But there are a few points that are very clear to me.

The Trump campaign was a study in populist insurgency. Specifically, a right-wing populist insurgency that focused on mobilizing white nationalism, anti-feminist misogyny, xenophobia, Christian nationalism, and conspiracy theories about the threat of treacherous liberals and totalitarian “big government.”

Ten thousand people marched to Trump Tower in New York City on Sunday afternoon, taking part in nationwide demonstrations that have arisen in the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.