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If you follow the news media, and a gaggle of prominent Republican politicians, Donald Trump is an ugly eye sore in the face of the body politic and especially the  Republican Party. He insults women, calls undocumented Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals and has nothing but contempt for most of his presidential Republican rivals. And the national GOP establishment is plotting, even as I write, to consign Trump to the electoral scrap heap.

By Ethan Young

Another presidential election cycle is underway and familiar debates are breaking out on the Left about whom to support, if anyone. These discussions are often framed by three myths about electoral politics that inhibit the development of a Left opposition to the Center/Right.

On August 18, community residents, library representatives, and other advocates gathered at Brooklyn Borough Hall for a hearing on the proposed $52 million sale of the Brooklyn Heights Branch Library to Hudson Companies, a real estate firm hoping to build a 36-story luxury rental development in its place. The plan, which the BPL board has already agreed to, has yet to be evaluated by Borough President Eric Adams, who held the hearing to gain feedback from the community before he offers his own take.

Community advocates, environmental activists and local officials came together August 17 on Rockaway Beach to protest the Port Ambrose liquified natural gas facility currently being proposed for the area. Attendees crowded behind a large banner asking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to veto the project, and speakers at the event described the dangers that such a facility could bring to the region. The project would be built 19 miles off of Long Beach, which was the site of a similar event one week earlier.

“Amandla!” The call rang out across a grassy field in Marikana, South Africa, where thousands of supporters of mineworkers and their families gathered Sunday to mark the third anniversary of the shocking shooting deaths by police of 34 miners striking for better wages and working conditions.

As Greeks suffer in multiple ways the effects of the economic crisis their country is going through, Germany has profited handsomely from the Greek crisis. This is a conclusion of research carried out by the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH). The study shows that the Greek debt crisis resulted in a reduction in German bund rates of about 300 basis points (BP). This led to interest savings of more than EUR 100 billion (equivalent to more than 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) during the period 2010 to 2015.

Pope Francis's bold call to tackle climate change and save the planet appears to be in conflict with U.S. Catholic churches' millions of dollars of investments in fossil fuels industries, including fracking, a new Reuters report shows.

In early June of this year, the State Bar of Texas stripped Charles Sebesta of his law license and formally disbarred him. His crime? Prosecutorial misconduct that led to the wrongful conviction of exonerated death row prisoner Anthony Graves.

Fierce environmental activism is being blamed—and credited—with spurring the potential demise of Australia's controversial Carmichael coal mine project.

The U.S. economy continues to expand according to official statistics, but the drive to shrink federal, state and local government continues, with attacks on public-sector workers' pensions, privatization of government operations and a relentless squeeze on social services.