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I've written often about our Iraqi refugee friend and his oldest son from Baghdad. I will call them Mohammed and Ahmed. They made the torturous flight last year from Baghdad to Kurdistan and then across Turkey. They were on three Greek islands before permission was granted them to continue their trip. They passed through several countries at the time the borders were being closed. They arrived finally at their destination in late September 2015. Finland. 

Following a sunrise ceremony at the main Standing Rock encampment on Sunday, a mass march, car caravan and troupe of horse riders walked and rode three miles up the road to the "frontline" camp where the fracked oil Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL) crosses Highway 1806, near the Missouri River. 


STANDING ROCK SIOUX RESERVATION, North Dakota — Indigenous People’s Day in Oceta Sakowin began before dawn with a loudspeaker car driving through the camp urging everyone to “rise and shine; it’s a good day to protect the water.” The speaker encouraged “all my relatives” to gather at the south end of the camp on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation for a prayer to the sunrise.

'Do you remember why the US started this war?' Mel Lehman from the Common Humanity organization replied when I asked him why he was attending a demonstration held on the east side of Union Square on Friday afternoon to mark the 15th anniversary of the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

EDITOR's NOTE: Today marks the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, America's first foray into the War on Terror and the longest war in our nation's history. Marking this milestone, we've decided to reprint the following essay by Australian socialist Rebecca Barrigos, which takes stock of the War on Terror's global impact a decade and a half on. 

As United States Energy Transfers Partners began building the Dakota Access Pipeline through territory sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the tribe began an escalating campaign against the pipeline. By this summer nearly 200 tribes around the country had passed resolutions opposing the pipeline and many hundreds of their members joined nonviolent direct action to halt it. Amidst wide public sympathy for the Native American cause, environmental, climate protection, human rights, and many other groups joined the campaign.

My heart breaks as Category 4 Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and now the Bahamas. When Hurricane Sandy struck New York City, it was a very hard time for my family.