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Protesters in Baltimore erupted in fury over the murder of Freddie Gray, who died in the hospital on April 19, days after his voice box was crushed and spine nearly severed while in police custody.

These days it’s not unusual for someone on the way to work to receive a text message from her employer saying she’s not needed right then.

Although she’s already found someone to pick up her kid from school and arranged for childcare, the work is no longer available and she won’t be paid for it.

Just-in-time scheduling like this is the latest new thing, designed to make retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and other customer-driven businesses more nimble and keep costs to a minimum.


It’s crunch time for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the most sweeping multilateral trade agreement since NAFTA. Fast-track authority for the president, gussied up with some face-saving amendments to make it look like Congress will have a real debate when Obama submits the deal to lawmakers later this year, has passed out of committee in both the House and Senate. That means fast-track will be decided upon in a matter of days or weeks.

Teachers and counselors at Los Angeles’ largest charter school chain are thinking big.

Instead of unionizing school by school, they’re pushing Alliance College-Ready Charter Schools to agree to ground rules for organizing, without boss interference, at all 26 schools in the chain.

The teachers want a say on such questions as class size and incorporating technology. They want to be able to speak up without fear of retaliation from management.

The small Scandinavian country of Denmark doesn't hold many minerals in its soil. Its supply of oil from the North Sea that has long contributed to the country's economy – not least thanks to the high taxes imposed on it – is slowly depleting. But one resource is in abundance here: wind. And the Danes are now busier than ever harnessing it.

Contradicting arguments typically used to advance so-called Right to Work legislation, new research from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows that wages and benefits are actually lower in states with such anti-worker laws on the books.

AFTER ONE of the hardest winters in recent memory, spring has finally arrived in New England. Pummeled week after week between January and March with one storm after another, the region was transformed into a frozen tundra. Some cities, like Boston, shattered all-time records--Boston had 110 inches of seasonal snowfall, nearly three times the yearly average--but everywhere along the coast experienced total snowfalls far above average, the product of increasingly severe storms connected to global warming.

BETSY! – a joint collaboration between Bronx-based Pregones Theater (which recently joined forces with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater) and Kentucky-based Roadside Theater – is described as an Appalachian-Puerto Rican musical. It tells the story of Betsy Garcia, a Puerto Rican jazz singer from the Bronx, whose grief upon receiving news of her father’s death unleashes the ancestral spirits of all the Elizabeths and Betsys who have come before her. More shocking to Betsy than seeing ghosts, however, is the revelation that she is half Scots-Irish.

Today Walmart workers with OUR Walmart filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board in response to what they say are Walmart's retaliatory closings of five stores. The workers filing the charges were employed at the now-closed Pico Rivera Walmart store in Los Angeles.

Protesters gathered on 5th Avenue in Bay Shore, Long Island on April 12 to mark the 7th anniversary of the police killing of Kenny Lazo, who was beaten to death by the Suffolk County Police Department in 2008.