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I’m in a warmly lit apartment on the Lower East Side. It’s a cool night in early October of 2011, the height of Occupy Wall Street.

The words Star Wars appeared on screen. Theme music blared. Everyone cheered. Early in the movie, a black male Stormtrooper took off his helmet in disgust after his army killed villagers. The audience sat wide-eyed, lost in a galaxy far, far away but finding there a triumphant liberalism often missing from real life.

The Indypendent’s Claire Arkin was on hand for the Paris climate talks and counter-protests that took place during the first two weeks of December.

With the December 20 general elections approaching in Spain, many eyes are on Podemos. The fate of the ‘purple party’ has fascinated analysts and publics in Europe and beyond since its inception in 2014, because Podemos’ future might easily be the future of the European anti-austerity left. This week's guest theme looks at the party, its origins, roller-coaster short history, and meaning for the future, through the eyes of some of those involved.

Amidst the glow of candlelight, Sonia Ville, 80-year-old Puerto Rican member of Movement for Justice in El Barrio, born and raised in El Barrio, led chants of “El Barrio is Not for Sale! It is to Be Loved and Defended!” as East Harlem families began their candlelight vigil Wednesday evening to protest the Mayor’s plan to rezone their community.

New York—Senator Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate and Brooklyn native, is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to invest in the City University of New York and fund a fair union contract for CUNY faculty and staff. The message from Senator Sanders came in a letter  delivered to Governor Cuomo last Friday, the same day he vetoed legislation to fund CUNY and SUNY.

Paris witnessed both explicit terrorism by religious extremists on November 13 and a month later, implicit terrorism by carbon addicts negotiating a world treaty that guarantees catastrophic climate change. The first incident left more than 130 people dead in just one evening’s mayhem; the second lasted a fortnight but over the next century can be expected to kill hundreds of millions, especially in Africa.

For George Jackson, like many Black revolutionaries, prison was a place of both political captivity and radical education.

During the 11 years Jackson spent in prison following a one-year-to-life sentence for his alleged role in a gas station robbery, he amassed a library of more than 99 books with which he used to educate himself and which he shared among his fellow prisoners.

Watching    Youtube talk on parallel realities        a physicist playfully spun

on stage before taking the microphone. Everyone clapped        laid their hands

down as if in prayer            as he unfolded the cosmos like a love note until

emptiness remained.


But the website was slow, he froze                  eyes heavy with equations. Bored,

I looked at     other news           a black teen, killed a year ago, his death on-line

it warned of disturbing images.