2017 Spring Seminar Series

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2016 IPC Working Paper Series


Growing Innovative Companies to Scale: How Does Massachusetts Measure Up?
Executive Summary & Full Report 


Strengthening the Innovative Ecosystem for Advanced Manufacturing

Strengthening the Innovative Ecosystem for Advanced Manufacturing:
May 2015

Making it in America: From Innovation to Market
Making in America
From Innovation to Market

By Suzanne Berger
with the PIE Task Force
MIT Press, 2013

Production in the Innovation Economy
Production in the Innovation Economy

By Richard M. Locke, Rachel L. Wellhausen
MIT Press, 2014

Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America Can Build a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy System

Professor Richard K. Lester
Professor Davd M. Hart
MIT Press, 2011.


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About the IPC

The IPC is a multidisciplinary research center focused on firms, industries and technological change in the global economy and how their emergence and transformation impact society at large. With a particular interest in Innovation, Productivity and Competitiveness, the IPC brings together teams of researchers in engineering, science, management and the social sciences at MIT and beyond to carry out innovative, applied research often from the “bottom up.” More...


The next Seminar in our series will be held on April 12th. Dr. Afreen Siddiqi will present: Scientific Wealth of Nations, Emerging Trends in the Middle East. Dr. Siddiqi is a Research Scientist at MIT, and a visiting Scholar at Harvard. If you would like to join us, please rsvp to: ipc@mit.edu

The kick off of our Spring Seminar Series was duo, 2 presentations by MIT PhD candidates. Benjamin David Armstrong presented The Polititcs of Economic Transformation in U.S. Cities, and Florian Metzler presented: Navigating the Technology Landscape: How Firms Change their Technological Competencies. 

Listen to Liz Reynold's recent conversation with WBUR's Deborah Becker on How to Revive Manufacturing in Massachusetts.

IPC Executive Director Liz Reynolds published an Op-Ed in The Boston Globe on February 13th entitled The New Face of Manufacturing Jobs. In it she points to new investments in Massachusetts in several industries (electronics, biopharmaceuticals and clean energy) that show one path forward for jobs in the face of technological changes wrought by automation and artificial intelligence.

When Global Technology Meets Local Standards: Reassessing the China’s Mobile Telecom Policy in the Age of Platform Innovation, by Thun, Eric and Timothy Sturgeon, MIT-IPC Working Paper 17-001 Download (PDF)

The IPC has moved down the street from our old offices in Kendall Square. Come visit us at 400 Main Street, we are on the seventh floor in Suite 733.

2016 IPC Fall Seminar Series:

  • "Beyond “Catch-up”: Learning & Economic Development in Health, Agriculture, and Manufacturing" by Dr. Smita Srinivas, Head of the School of Economic Development at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)


The IPC recently hosted a roundtable discussion entitled, “Industry 4.0: What is it and What Does it Mean for Firms?” The gathering included members of the MIT research community and several industry leaders that engage in advanced manufacturing. To the first question of what is “Industry 4.0,” the group agreed that the central driver behind the concept – introduced by the German government in 2003 as part of their new industrial policy in manufacturing – is the generation of enormous amounts of data based on the introduction of sensors that can track every stage of a manufacturing process and of whole production systems, in one or multiple locations. Read more...




Scale Up  The IPC released its report, “Growing Innovative Companies to Scale: How Does Massachusetts Measure Up?” The report provides a more detailed understanding of the processes by which innovative companies scale up their businesses and compares Boston, Silicon Valley & New York in terms of starting and growing companies to scale. Read the Boston Globe article, the press release, the MIT News Article or download the full report or executive summary.

Seven minute video, highlights from the CEO Panel discussion:


MIT Innovation Orchards Building on an article published by President Rafael Reif in the Washington Post, IPC Executive Director Liz Reynolds and Senior Director of Institute Affairs Glen Comiso flesh out the concept of “innovation orchards” in this white paper, Translating Ideas into Impact: Supporting and Accelerating the Innovation Orchards at MIT and Beyond that outlines how ideas developed at MIT get translated to the market place and ways in which MIT can enhance and encourage greater translational work.


The IPC in Brazil The IPC launched a major research effort in Brazil in partnership with SENAI. The five-year project examines how to better accelerate innovation in Brazil’s companies and industries, with a particular focus on the role of the SENAI Innovation Institutes, a new network of 26 applied research centers around the country base on the German Fraunhofer model. More...


The IPC released a report, Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem for Advanced Manufacturing: Pathways and Opportunities for Massachusetts, that outlines how Massachusetts can improve the advanced manufacturing innovation ecosystem within the state. Important changes are taking place in the advanced manufacturing landscape - within companies and how they are organized for production, in terms of new technologies, and in the global economy as regions and countries work aggressively to increase manufacturing investments and build capabilities. Massachusetts' advanced manufacturing capabilities undergird many of the key industry clusters within the Commonwealth. To learn more about the report findings, listen here to IPC Executive Director Liz Reynolds' interview on WGBH Morning Edition with host Bob Seay. The report was sponsored by MassDevelopment and follows on earlier work by MIT on the relationship between manufacturing and innovation, Production in the Innovation Economy. More…

Findings from the MIT Production in the Innovation (PIE) Economy project were presented at MIT in the fall of 2013. Review the conference agenda and watch presentations by speakers.


Joint MIT-Japan White Paper: Compatibility of Nuclear and Renewables with Grid Stability, Economics and Deregulation The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and several Japanese organizations (University of Tokyo, Central Research Institute for Electric Power, Institute of Energy Economics of Japan and the Tokyo Institute of Technology) have initiated a U.S.-Japan Joint Study of the Future of Nuclear Energy. This includes joint studies on how to integrate nuclear and renewables into a low-carbon electricity grid in a deregulated electricity market. MORE

The IPC and Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) held five roundtable discussions on regional strategies to accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon energy economy in 2013-2014. The roundtables engaged utility executives, advanced energy companies and regulators at at MIT, in San Antonio, Texas, Aspen, Colorado, New York and Boston (click links to see discussion summaries).


With global value chains that fragment production across the world, national statistics fail to capture the growing interconnectedness of economies, writes Tim Sturgeon, IPC Senior Research Affiliate. Read here on the Centre for Economic Policy Research policy portal, VOX, May, 2015.