Letters to the Editor: Reflections of an Antiwar Movement

Our Readers Feb 24, 2007

In response to last issue’s analysis, “Escalating the Antiwar Movement: After four years of marching, Iraq War opponents look to ramp up resistance,” (Feb. 1, 2007) many readers expressed their opinions on the state of the antiwar movement on Thanks for taking the initiative for writing this article, Jessica. I know it might not be popular, but damnit, it’s gotta be said. Let’s stick it to the war machine!

Mass rallies are indispensable, and yet clearly inadequate, in helping end the war all by themselves. I wish groups like United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ) would take a serious look at their failure to organize the tens of thousands of their supporters who show up at these mass rallies into a regular activist force.

The Republicans and the majority of Democrats in Congress still serve their global corporate masters and the war machine. They are about money and power, not people. I highly doubt they will end the war until a massive wave of outrage and protest fills the streets. The problem is the global capitalist system. Until that is done away with, war and poverty and injustice will continue.

Jeezus H. Christ. Has it occurred to folks that the antiwar movement is simply not a bicoastal phenomenon? Antiwar organizing is going on in the Midwest, South, Southwest, Rocky Mountain states as well – much of it localized and relatively independent of UFPJ, ANSWER, World Can’t Wait and Troops Out Now? This article simply reinforces the perception that antiwar activists and pundits clustered in NYC, DC and SF are out of touch with the rest of the country. Maybe it might be worthwhile to actually survey the plethora of IMC sites in those regions, and find out more.

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