Don’t Just Vote, Take Action! — Resource List

Jessica Lee Feb 4, 2008

Here are ten things you can do right now on issues that matter.


1. Military Counter-Recruitment: Stop the militarization of America’s youth and keep them from joining the war machine. Visit:

2. Reduce Oil Consumption: Resource wars are only going to intensify. Quash the demand. It’s not just gasoline, oil is used to make thousands of products that could be made with sustainable materials. Get educated.


3. Support the movement for universal, single-payer healthcare (H.R. 646)! Visit

4. Kick corporate America out of your body and take charge of your own health. Holistic, preventive healthcare is part of the growing popular health movement.

Educate yourself at your local bookstore and listen to great health programs on WBAI (99.5FM). Visit:


5. Join the campaign to stop new coal-powered power plants. Visit

6. Consume less.
7. Eat locally. Most food crosses 1,200 to 2,500 miles before it is consumed. Visit


8. Break out of the American public education stranglehold on our youth. Run for your local schoolboard, support progressive educators like the New York Collective of Radical Educators, join a discussion about social justice on the Education for Liberation Network or start a democratic, alternative free school. Visit:

9. What are you learning anyway? Support independent media in the classrooms! For 4th to 8th grades, check out IndyKids – A Free Newspaper for Free Kids

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