Weekly Calendar 5/7-5/16

The Indypendent May 7, 2010

7pm • $5 Suggested
PRESENTATION: FINANCE AS CLASS STRUGGLE. While the character of class struggle has evolved, Conrad Herold cites significant financial similarities between the present day and the era in which Karl Marx critiqued capitalism. Join him for an examination and discussion regarding the international financial system using a Marxist framework and for a clarification of responses to the present crisis.
Bluestockings Radical Books, 172 Allen St
212.777.6028 •

6pm • $3/9 Donation
CELEBRATION: WHY SOCIALISM, WHY NOW?. Nourish your body as well as your revolutionary spirit at this special May Day celebration. A “Feast of Many Lands” buffet will be served while Elias Holtz will share his “I’m So Over It,” an argument for revolution in the coming generation.
Freedom Hall, 113 W 128th St
212-222-0633 •

12:30-2pm • $5 suggested
DISCUSSION: SCHOOL GARDENS AND NEW YORK CITY. Christina Grace, Manager of the Urban Food Systems Program and Office of Community Gardens for the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets will be presenting on the 2009-2010 New York State School Garden Survey. Rasheed Hislop will discuss the work of GreenThumb. Any garden coordinators or supporters present will be invited to share the success and challenges of their programs.
The Fund for the City of New York, 121 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Fl

7pm • $5 Suggested
WORKSHOP: TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES PRESENTS “SAFER LES STREETS.” Join Julia De Martini Day from Transportation Alternatives and the East Sides Streets Coalition for action planning for safer streets. Transportation Alternatives advocates for safer public streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and people (not cars). Visit for more.
Bluestockings Radical Books, 172 Allen St
212.777.6028 •

7pm-9pm • $10 Suggested
PRESENTATION: TRIKE IS THE NEW TRUCK, ORGANIC TRANSPORT FOR NEW YORK. Join Revolution Rickshaws for a lively slide presentation on the present and future of pedal-powered cargo and passenger transport in NYC. Learn how an average human can pedal 500+ pounds around town, without fuel. Get the inside scoop on driving a pedicab in Midtown. Find out how NYC might transition from fossil-fuel-dependence to vigorous self-reliance in the realm of short-hauling heavy stuff.
The Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue, Bklyn

7:30pm • $6-$15 sliding scale
FORUM: WHO CAN STOP THE DRUMS? URBAN SOCIAL MOVEMENTS IN CHAVEZ’S VENEZUELA. In her new book, Who Can Stop the Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chavez’s Venezuela, Sujatha Fernandes, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queens College, weaves barrio residents’ life stories into her account of movements for social and economic justice. She portrays everyday life and politics in the shantytowns of Caracas through accounts of community-based radio, barrio assemblies, and popular fiestas.Fernandes locates the struggles of the urban poor within Venezuela’s transition from neoliberalism to what she calls “post-neoliberalism.” She argues that while Chávez is actively challenging neoliberalism, the state remains subject to the constraints and logics of global capital.
Brecht Forum, 451 West Street
212-242-4201 •

READING: THE WAR COMES HOME. Sure to be an engaging evening, award-winning writers Helen Benedict and Nora Eisenberg will share their work and host a discussion at Revolution Books. Both writers have received great critical acclaim for their works dealing with women’s struggles and the trauma of war.
Revolution Books, 146 W 26th St
212-691-3345 •

7pm • Free
BOOK EVENT: DETROIT DISASSEMBLED. Photographer Andrew Moore will be joined be contributing poet Philip Levine to share his new book Detroit Disassembled, a tragic visual narrative that depicts the devastation of post-industrial Detroit. A model for the abuses of industrial over-development, this story is one from which we all can learn.
Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway
212-473-1452 •

12-5pm • Free
FAIR: BROOKLYN PEACE FAIR. Sponsored by Brooklyn for Peace, the fair will feature 100 community organizations and will include a talk by the founder
of SOA Watch, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, and performances by SpiritChild, MetroSonics and more.
Brooklyn College Campus, 2900 Bedford Ave, Bklyn
718-624-5921 •

12pm • Free
PARADE: VEGGIE PRIDE. Come celebrate animal rights and vegetarian and vegan lifestyles at the third annual
Veggie Pride Parade. The procession will start in the West Village at noon with
participants marching to the north end of Union Square, where exhibitors, speakers
and live music will follow.
212-242-0011 •

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