Occupy Wall Street: ‘We Contain Multitudes’

Indy Staff Nov 1, 2011

Hitting the streets this week, our new issue features in-depth coverage on occupations across America as well as hard-hitting analytical pieces on the socio-economic factors currently driving this global resistance against corporate greed. In this Occupy Wall Street special edition, we’re bringing you the latest news and most important discussions in this fluid time of social upheaval. Click on the link below for a sneak preview, featuring a 2-page photo spread of the people involved in OWS.

Nova Rodriguez, 18, is a junior in high school. He lives in Astoria, Queens with his mother, who has been laid off several times, forcing him to pick up two jobs. He's slept in the park since Sept. 17. (Photo: Julie Turkewitz)

Click here to download “Occupy Wall Street: ‘We Contain Multitudes.'”

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