Keep the Indy Going Strong in 2012

Indy Staff Dec 27, 2011

When Time recently named The Protester as its person of the year, it marveled at what it saw as a “sudden” and “shocking” re-emergence of people powered movements across the globe.

At The Indypendent, we know protest never ended because we've dedicated ourselves for the past 11 years to covering grassroots politics and social movements like no other publication.

It's why Naomi Klein describes us as “utterly unique” and as a paper that  “reports on the whole world as a collection of neighborhoods all struggling for justice” while Jeremy Scahill calls us “the best paper in New York City.” (For more about what Naomi and Jeremy think of the Indy, click here.)

We understand real change comes from below. It's why we covered the marches and the encampments in New York that were the precursors to Occupy Wall Street when everyone else ignored these actions. It's why we are often far ahead of other media in covering emerging movements around everything from food justice to changing the way the Obama administration's policy on immigrant detention.

We understand that ideas, in tandem with action, change the world. That's why we are also known for our laser sharp analysis as well as our great reporting. During 2011, we looked at everything from the reality behind the phony debt crisis to the impact of the U.S.'s changing demographics and the end of whiteness to explaining why nuclear energy is inherently dangerous and how a true greening of the planet is within our reach.

We've gone to the hilt covering the world-changing events of the past year – increasing the number of pages per issue, adding more full-color pages, stepping up our print runs, expanding our daily web features, live tweeting history as it happens from Wisconsin to Occupy Wall Street.

It's been an incredible year. But now we need your help. Doing great work doesn't pay our bills, postage or rent.

We have to raise $30,000 in our annual fund drive. If we don't, we will have to shut down.

It's that simple.

No more Indypendent. No more website, no more nurturing a new generation of muckraking journalists. We have more excellent stories than we have pages on which to publish and more amazing photographs and art than ink to print.

Will you do your part to help us make our $30,000 goal and keep the Indy going strong in 2012?

Luckily, it has never been easier. We have been given matching funds, which means your money goes twice as far. Whatever you can give – $25, $50, $100 or more – makes a big difference.

Will you help us by donating right now?

Every little bit counts. We don't have deep pockets to rely on, but as a part of a broader movement we know that a small effort from everyone creates something bigger.

Please don't delay contributing. We need your support now while there's still time.

Give today to make sure there's an Indypendent tomorrow.

Thank You, The Staff of The Indypendent

P.S. You can also donate by mail to The Indypendent, 666 Broadway Suite 510, New York, NY , 10012. Donations of $100 or more are tax deductible. Make these checks payable to The Institute for Media Analysis.

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