What’s Your Sandy Story

Laura Gottesdiener Dec 17, 2012

Sandy Storyline is a participatory documentary about hurricane Sandy and the efforts to recover and rebuild our neighborhoods.“If I learned one thing from the storm, it was that the memories …are the things that deserve your focus, deserve your time… because everything else can be replaced but those can’t,” said Derek Prince in Coney Island, one of the hundreds of residents who have thus far told their stories through the project.

According to co-producer Rachel Falcone, “We are sharing the many underreported narratives of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath through the experiences of community members and recovery volunteers. We hope to support you in telling the real story of what’s happening in your community, while also communicating your vision for the future.”

Using any phone or mobile device you can contribute a story; send a picture or text message from your phone to or call (888) 803-9856 to record your story.

To see and hear stories and learn how to participate, visit

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