But despite his assertion, such attacks have not ceased

Dec 12, 2013

Just watched it on Netflix and the inescapable conclusion is that it was a missile(s) and the investigation was scripted to turn it into the accident. Forensic engineering and medical evidence, radar data, eyewitness accounts, documented sabotage of the investigation, evidence doctoring, official dis/misinformation, contradictory, inconsistent and/or impossible official explanations, bizarre investigative procedures are all credibly documented. They trying to reopen the investigation and I hope they succeed..

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moncler sale outlet At least thrice during the year from various forums once during his August 15 speech from the Red Fort, and at least twice in interviews to the media Modi has reiterated that it is the Constitution that is the most sacred book for him as prime minister. His replies were invariably in response to questions about attacks on minorities and non Hindu places of worship. But despite his assertion, such attacks have not ceased. moncler sale outlet

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