But I don’t think a duck will hurt me because I’m such a cutie

Dec 3, 2013

One man said he’d worked many years to learn how to do it right, and he believed I would definitely understand why he was jealously guarding his expensive secrets.I quickly determined that I’d have to just jump in and do it. Still, the effort hadn’t been wasted because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to reach out to others, a trait that doesn’t come easily to middle aged and senior citizens.My next step was to procure some inventory. I found four thrift stores in Walla Walla County that sold magazines.

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The 100 small horses, because I know nature. You put a duck the size of a horse it’s very strong, you know?It will go nuts on the water woosh, like beep, beep and it will be great. But I don’t think a duck will hurt me because I’m such a cutie guy.

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