Cortez has a utopian purview

Nov 28, 2014

“We should insist that our focus be on reopening the government,” Van Hollen said. “Hundreds of thousands of people are working without pay. Hundreds of thousands more are being furloughed. I do not know what behind windscribe stealth protocol, but stealth sounds like obfuscation to me.dangelization 4 points submitted 2 months agoBeing a Chinese myself(raised in china) I have no idea about chinese ppl liking elephant skin. This news looks fishy to me.Chinese ppl traditionally like fox skin/bear skin/sable skin made clothes(I listed a few animals for example, there more, but you get the idea), but had no special desire for elephant skin. They use the tooth of elephants to make craftworks though, but not elephant skin.Edit: there might be a few cases of skinning elephant to make things in the picture but I don think it massive.

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