I done and seen some hard life and hard living

Jan 8, 2015

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Hermes Handbags It is superb. Do this course, look at the supplementary material. Join the discord. Why does it matter hermes diamond belt replica that the ACA be taken to mean what it says? What is at stake? Nothing less than the rule of law the existence of a legal order characterized by a clear, non contradictory, and stable rules that are general in scope and bind government officials no less than ordinary citizens. If written laws can be revised after the fact by unelected bureaucrats who do not treat them as imposing any genuine constraints, we do not have the rule of law; instead, government officials can simply employ whatever reasoning they like (or none at all, as the IRS appears to have done here) in order to further whatever ends they think desirable. To allow the current administration to transform “X” into “not X” is to move us closer to that precipice Hermes Handbags.