I Want Ocasio-Cortez to Run the Mueller Investigation

Issue 239

Our advice columnist Rev. Billy fields readers’ questions on love, religion and Robert Mueller.

Rev. Billy Talen Sep 3, 2018

Dear Rev,

All I see on the news is the Russiagate business. It’s a big deal since it could bring down the President. But mass deportations, the passes polluters are getting from the EPA, growing inequality — all kinds of other important stuff is getting passed over. Where should we focus our attention?

— Earl, West Village

Robert Mueller is a cold-fish Republican but he’s Trump-proof. In this apocalyptic summer, we are fake-news-ed, over-apped and evil-ized. But Mueller grows every day like the big oak tree in the forest, impervious to it all. The slow, thorough march of his investigators is reassuring. Democracy needs to pull back from the brink. I’m glad about the investigation. I want Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run it, but in lieu of Alexandria, Mueller is a glorious wrecking ball.


Dear Billy,

As the revelations of child abuse and cover-ups within the Catholic Church keep mounting, I find myself wondering how the guilt and shame the church attaches to sex and its insistence that only men can hold positions of authority ties into these scandals. I don’t see why we can’t enjoy sex with other consenting adults and have rich spiritual lives at the same time. Why would someone want us to think otherwise?

— Karen, Bayside

Why would someone want us to be afraid of love?

Karen, I think you are answering your own question, and the answer is sex is spiritual. Another question is how did enjoyable sex and rich spirituality become separated in the first place? The split of the spirit from the body is key to the hold that this old institution has over its people. Our desire is forced back into us, away from our lover. A priest appears in that gap, offering help. He demands fear, shame and the gratification of God’s desires, which are easily transferred to the priest’s own hidden fetishes. A Catholic who falls in love is crossing a border more heavily guarded than the border around Texas. 

Why would someone want us to be afraid of love? The Roman Catholic Church is the first multinational corporation. Turning the desires of the flesh into a profit center made as much money for Rome as all the gold in the Andes.

When love and the spirit are united, we are one whole person again. We are facing the memories of the abuses of the false holy fathers — and we are healing from that. We are no longer debilitated by this cleaving in half. We are crossing that border! Power based on fear can endure for centuries, but we are in love and we can overtake it in one hot moment.

Reverend Billy is an activist and political shouter, a post-religious preacher of the streets and bank lobbies. Got a question for Reverend Billy? Just email and unburden your soul.

Photo: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Credit: Corey Torpie.

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